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CAV Goodfellas Suit
CAV Goodfellas Suit
CAV Goodfellas Suit

CAV Goodfellas Suit

Introducing the "CAV Goodfellas" Suit - the epitome of audacious style designed for the self-proclaimed master of deals, the sleazy used car salesman. This suit is a daring statement that exudes charm, confidence, and a certain disregard for conventional taste.

Crafted with an ostentatious blend of polyester and nylon, the Slickster Deluxe Suit boasts a flashy sheen that catches every eye in the room. The fabric, meticulously selected to emphasize flamboyance rather than quality, offers a wrinkle-resistant advantage to keep you looking effortlessly put-together while you work your sales pitch.

Featuring an oversized peak lapel with a garish pop of contrasting color, this suit ensures you'll be noticed from a mile away. The single-breasted jacket is adorned with gaudy gold-tone buttons, adding a touch of ostentation to your appearance. Don't forget the padded shoulders, exaggerated to give you an extra edge during negotiations.

The accompanying trousers are tailored to perfection, hugging your legs with an extra-slim fit that screams "confidence." With their intentionally high rise and ultra-thin belt loops, these pants are designed to make a questionable fashion statement while keeping your wallet securely stashed.

The "Slickster Deluxe" Suit is all about versatility - wear it to your used car lot, an extravagant party, or even a late-night poker game. It's a bold choice that shows you're unafraid to take risks, even if they might be at the expense of good taste.

Own the room and seal those deals with a suit that's as unapologetically bold as you are. The "Slickster Deluxe" Suit is your ticket to projecting an image of dubious trustworthiness, making sure your customers remember you long after the sale is closed. Caution: wearing this suit may come with the price of losing a few friends, but hey, you're here for the sales, not the friendships!


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2: 27"

3: 20"

4: 9"

5: 7"

6: 21"

7: 23"

8: 36"

9: 22"

10: 6"

CAV Goodfellas Suit
CAV Goodfellas Suit
CAV Goodfellas Suit
Sage Satin Pinstripe
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